About me

Ajay Kumar SinghAbout me

Nothing much to say, will write autobiography some day..

Where do I live?

Up North in London almost on the edge of Piccadilly line. Takes 1/2 hr to go to the center.

What I do for Living?

I graduated in Electronics & Communications and worked with world’s top Telecommunication companies in the past for about a decade.

Somehow I got deviated and ended up in doing SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing which is now my hobby, passion and bread & butter.

I missed the mobile app development boat but finally got into it. I love iPhone as developer but Android phones and Android app development sucks.

About my Blog

It took me quite a long to put up my own blog even though I’ve been blogging for my other business and involved in the blog craze for long time. Here at my virtual adobe you will find a lot of useful information which I would be sharing. The purpose of this blog is intended to be pure technical but be warned that I you may find instances of Spirituality/Religion/Politics and CRITICISM.

My Hobbies

Cricket – Only when India plays in India and wins the game. Cricket is damn boring otherwise. And I always recommend watching test Cricket to those who have problem in sleeping ;)

Hindi Songs – A hobby long gone with the demise of good ol’ radio. I wish some day someone, if not me, might think of reviving “Vivid Bharti”. Also no time in today’s fast paced cyber life.

Indian Food – Now a days I mostly rely ready to eat food from local Indian grocery and (rubbish) Morrisons Indian takeaway food.

Reading – At some point of time in my life I thought I read all books, this we before Internet invaded our lives. eBooks are no longer same. I still fancy paper books and read them whenever I get time.

Yog (aka Yoga) – Sooner or later I had to go back to my roots. I didn’t get into it earlier as time and space didn’t permit, but now I’m getting into it. I might start a blog on Yog soon.

Chatting – My skype is always on.

My status

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