My blog doesn’t get millions of hits a month so I don’t have any fancy analytics stats to show off. The only advertisement space available is the right column at the top in 300×250 size.

Following type/category of advertisements/advertisers are not accepted:

  • Do Follow Text Links. I can only offer nofollow text link advertisement.
  • Text/Banner in following categories
    • Adult, Porn, Call girls, Massage
    • Quotation sites
    • Weight loss/Teeth Whitening and other health crap..
    • eForex
    • Casino, slots, roulette etc. I don’t like gambling where outcome is not under our control. However I love card games as these games are more or less involve a lot of skills.
  • Advertiser without contact address. I check advertisers website thoroughly before accepting any advertiser. If you don’t have contact details on your website then don’t bother to waste my time.
  • Dating/friendship and other similar rubbish sites.

Poker, and Card Games such as Rummy, advertisement are accepted. I like poker and play on daily basis. I also own about 20 poker sites where I do poker affiliate marketing.

Media Format

At the moment I’m only accepting advertisement in 300×250 GIF or Flash MPU. If banner is flash then it should be less in size so as not to overload.

Rate Card

I don’t have rate card. I’m old style fella and it all come down to bargaining in Indian style.


I don’t write any paid reviews even if you are willing to spend millions so don’t contact me for writing a review. I do write reviews based on my own personal experiences. So if you want to get a reviews just try to piss me off and you will get it for free ;)

Contact me for advertisement:
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