Free Software and Utilities

This is my list of most popular software and utilities which I often use. Sometimes finding a link to download these software could be a nightmare even for a geek like me and that is why I decided to put a page for all such links for easy access.

Notepad++ – The best free text editor software. I used to use TextPad before I switched to Notepad++ which is equally good if not better than TextPad.

WinMerge – Free tool for file diff.

SugarCRM Community Edition – This is link to download SugarCRM which you can install on your own webserver. If you want Windows based installation software then you can download it from Sugar CRM Download page.

Lumzy – Free Wire framing Tool

WebRepear – Grab any website, download and read offline. You can be get more inventive though ;)

JonDo – Download and browse the web anonymously.


Any Video Converter – Video format converter.

Format Factory – Video format converter. While installing it has loads of options to install crap software. All of them are checked by default. Uncheck to stop installing them.

Free Image to Video converter