This page contains my own bookmarks.

These are the sites which I see first time and like but forget them after sometimes.

Google Analytics

E-mail Marketing Tips

URL Builder – Excellent tool to build tracking url, e.g. for e-mail/newsletter tracking links.

WordPress – Some nice free wordpress themes Generate code for Taxonomy, Menu, Sidebar and other elements.

Web Design
Beautiful Footer Design

CSS Tricks – This website’s design itself is very nice

What The Font – To find font in a JPEG.


Strmlly – Broadcast & Earn Cash

My Link Tree page
Top 100 list of twitter maniacs. – Know your influence – Check availability of your name on various social sites – Create your own free Privacy policy. – Terms of service generator. – Nice post detailing various price comparison charts.

List of Free Websites

Google Stuff
+1 Button API

Google + Button Custom Code

Gruyere – Web Application Exploits and Defenses – Check your web site’s vulnerabilities.

DFP Tutorial – Excellent tutorial on getting started with DFP.

Another Excellent DFP Tutorial

Social Statistics – Google+ stats. – Google+ profile and author relationship


Official Google Blog: Introducing Search engines come together for a richer web

Rich Snippets Testing Tool – Check how your website/blog/page will appear in Google search result with snippets.


Jobs Armada – Free Job Site


TinEye – Reverse image search engine, upload or enter URL and it will search for images.

Entertainment – Live streaming of various sports, including Cricket.

Fibre Broadband Checker

Brain Power – Brain Games and Brain Training


TED – Talks by people who think they can talk and change the world or whatever. It has got some really thoughtful and good videos.  Sometimes I also hang out on this site if I get time. Videos are not too long so you wouldn’t be bored. You must check it out if you consider yourself to be more intelligent than average Joe who hangs out on YouTube.