PDF Printing Error – Error: ioerror OFFENDING COMMAND: image

While printing a PDF document on HP color printer I got following error printed instead of the document’s content.

Error: ioerror



I did a quick search and to my surprise there is no quick solution for this error. A further detailed search revealed no solution at all.

This is weird as I expected some solution or a dirty fix at least.

Having found no clue, I decided to do some quick workaround.

Workaround – 1

The first thing I did was to combine 2 PDF documents into one and then print the combined document. It gave same error.

Workaround – 2

I opened PDF document in Adobe Photoshop and printed it from Photoshop but it again showed error – slightly different though:

Error: ioerror




It might be because the document size was huge and I cancelled the printing. I printed it after reducing the size and it worked.

I didn’t give up and came up with the 3rd workaround.

Workaround – 3

Open the PDF document in Photoshop and Save it as image from Save As menu.

Then open these saved .jpg images in Photoshop and print it.

If it doesn’t work then open .jpg files in any other image viewer and try to print from there.

Next is to save the PDF Document as PNG or other formats from Photoshop and then try printing.

This workaround also works.


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