CAPTCHAs, which keep spammers away, also make our lives nightmare sometimes. Following are some of the CAPTCHAs which are puzzles rather than a challenge.

I wonder what these people really trying to test?

Try to sovle them…

1) Google Account CAPTCHA

Google Account CAPTCHA

Any idea what the letters are?

Lets try

muronfors ???

muromfors ???

2) Yahoo Buzz CAPTCHA

Yahoo Buzz CAPTCHA

What is the 2nd letter here after 5 and before J?

Is there a word at all? If it is there then it is not visible. So what is the purpose of CAPTCHA to see invisible?

3) phpbb3 CAPTCHA taken from a Mozilla Thunderbird Forum

Mozilla Thunderbird Forum CAPTCHA

This one is another bummer…

What is 2nd letter? A + sign?

Or a flying aeroplane?

4) Gumtree CAPTCHA

I encountered this funny one on

gumtree captcha

This one is technically incorrect.


In reCAPTCHA you have 2 words, here the first word is missing.

The correct word is just dune which worked. First word is lost somewhere.


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