Registering Sports Domain

I already have almost one blog in each major sports. I felt need to have a sports blog to cover all sports as it is becoming difficult to manage all individual blogs separately. Also having one sports blog will keep it refreshed all the time as at least some sports will be always on.

So the first step was to find a domain name starting with sports. My guess was it will be easy to get a sports related domain easily which turned out to be a daunting task. My plan was to use sports as starting word and suffix it with some relevant word to create a domain name. I only wanted .com domain name which made search more difficult.

I used all my English vocabulary to create domain names with sports word in it but bad luck all domains were taken. I ended up with a huge list of already taken sports related domains, see my list below.

I use to check the domain name availability as they have very nice tool which allows you to check a lot of country level domains as well in one go. You can also do multiple domain name search. It is also faster in coparison to other domain name search tools.

I went more creative and used online dictionary to find synonyms and try to get domain name but again it proved to be futile.

Finally some more brain work I manage to find few domains which were available:

I almost spent (wasted) 3 hours in this domain name search.

Finally I registered which is really a nice domain and relevant too.,, are still available in case you are interested. I did all the hard work for you. Enjoy the fruit now ;)

It was an eye opening exercise for me and alarming too. It sends shiver down the spine to think that sooner or later we will run out of domains thanks to domain hijackers. We need to have some control over domain names or else we will end up in a stalemate and Internet will come to a halt. We are already running out of IP addresses.

Y2K was a warning the real threat will be the domain names. Without domains Internet will seize to expand and will come to total standstill.


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