How To Submit Blog To Google News

Google News is mashup of news from various news sites. If your site/blog is news worthy then you should consider submitting it to Google News to get more traffic.

I have never tried Google News before as I’m not sure if Google gives any value to smaller blogs? Most of the stories on Google News are from top news sites and magazines.

I’m giving it a try for first time for MLB blog.

Here are step by step guide to submit a site/blog to Google News.

Step 1 – Check if your blog/site is already indexed in Google News or not

First check if your site/blog is already included in Google news or not. Enter and then click on News in left to see result.

E.g. and clicking on News will result in no listing.

Step 2 – Submit your site for consideration in Google News

For  Google Web Search you need not to submit your website to Google any more. Google search engine has evolved to index your site as soon as you get any link from other sites.

However this is not true for Google News. Google News is some sort of premium content and doesn’t accept all sites.

To submit your blog/site to Google news visit this URL

The options are self explanatory so you should not face any problem.

Before you could submit your site better give it a makeover specially in listing authors and making Contact us page look legit.

Once done wait…

I’ll update this post once I hear anything from Google.

Just received following e-mail from Google


Thank you for your interest in Google News. Please review this message to
learn about the next steps in our inclusion process.


In order to help us deal with the large number of requests for inclusion,
we ask that you review our guidelines and reply to this email if your site
meets our qualifications.


We typically include sites in Google News that:

– have news content reporting on recent events — please note that we
don’t include informational and how-to articles, classified ads, job
postings, fictitious content, event announcements, advice columns or adult

– have content that is original to the site;

– are written and maintained by a clear organization, one that has
multiple writers and editors with accessible contact information;

– don’t solely promote their own activities or products;

– don’t violate Google’s quality guidelines, available at

Please let us know if your site fits these guidelines. Keep in mind that
we will not be able to include your site unless it meets our technical
requirements, too. You can review our technical requirements here:

After we hear from you, we’ll be happy to review your site for inclusion
in Google News.


Please note that due to the high volume of sites we review it may take
several weeks before we’re able to respond. We’ll work to review your site
as soon as we can, but cannot predict exactly when you will receive a
response from our team. Furthermore, we ask that you refrain from
re-submitting your site for inclusion as it may create additional delays.


While we strive to include as many sources as possible, please be aware
that we can’t guarantee the inclusion of your articles in Google News. We
appreciate your support as we work to improve Google News.

The Google Team


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