How to add shortcut icon to your website

Short Cut Icon
Ever wonder how come you see that small icon in front of the URL in web browser?


Nop it is very simple stuff. It is called Shortcut Icon.

The first thing you need to get is an icon of the pic which you wish to add there. This icon is in .ico format.

Once you have the icon you have 2 ways to make it visible

1) Name the shortcut icon to be favicon.ico and upload it in the root folder of your website. If it doesn’t work then use the next method


2) Add this line of code between <head> </head> part of html code

<link rel=”SHORTCUT ICON” href=””/>

Have Fun!!


3 responses to “How to add shortcut icon to your website”

  1. hi ajay ,

    where can i find the HTML code? i’m using wordpress…i can see only .php extn..pls help me..

    1. Just copy n paste above code before tag in index.php file from the wordpress->Appearance->Editor section.
      Dont’ forget to replace domain name and image name…

  2. Thanks Ajay ..I got it :)

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