How to access PC remotely

It is not uncommon to come across a situation when you had requirement to  access your home PC or office PC remotely.  The good news is that you can do it easily the bad news, for not-so-techie, is that it is not so easy.

How to access PC Remotely?

In order to access PC remotely you will have to install, in most case, software on both source and target PCs. The reason for this is the way Internet works. It is like telephone, you need caller and receiver to communicate.

Irrespective of software you are using you will have to keep the software running on the target PC which you want to access remotely.

I’ll briefly explain some of the free and commercial remote pc access software which I’ve used in the past.

Free Remote PC access software

RealVNC Remote Control Software

RealVNC was the first, free, remote PC access software which I’ve used to access PC thousands of miles away. It is based in a variant of  VNC (Virtual Network Computing) protocol.

The basic version is free which can be used free of charge for the personal use. There is a paid enterprise version also available.

RealVNC offers many features such as Integrated file transfer, printing & chat. It’s Interface is simple.

Installation is simple. After downloading you will have to start server on the target PC and client on the local pc.



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