Free UK Job Sites

This is my own collection of some good and FREE UK job sites for posting free jobs.

Freelance Jobs
The best job site for posting freelance jobs. It is totally free for both employers and job seekers.

Top Jobs Britain
After login the link is broken. If you see error then visit this page

Free Index Jobs
Freeindex is primarily for business people, I would be surprised if you will get any good reply for your job posting from here.

Best Jobs UK
Crap job site, it has more rules than Army boot camp. Took me 20 minutes to create an account and another 5 to post a simple job which is still under review.

Job Tubes
Complete waste of time.

Well basically there is no such thing as free job site for employers in the UK. It seems I will have to create a free job site. Let’s see when I can launch this new venture.


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