How To Disable “Compact Now” Message In Thunderbird

Lately the “Compact Now” message has started to pop up every time I delete a message or randomly. This is weird. It all started with the most recent update to 12.0.1.

First I thought it is just regular behaviour but when it started to pop up all the time then I had to find a solution to disable it.

Compacting folders is a good idea as it keeps size under control. So I wouldn’t recommend to complete disable this feature. I would rather recommend to increase the size beyond which Compact now message pops up.

Annoying "Compact Now" message in Thunderbird
Annoying “Compact Now” message in Thunderbird

From Tools menu click on Options and then click on Advanced tab. Select Network & Disk Space from Advanced tab.

How to change Compact Now settings in Thunderbird
Yow to change Compact Now settings in Thunderbird

Look for Compact folders when it will save over option. By default the size is 20 MB above which the compact now window will pop up.

You can change this value to be 100 MB or some other higher value.

If you don’t want this message to be displayed then just uncheck the option and you are done.


2 responses to “How To Disable “Compact Now” Message In Thunderbird”

  1. Numan Avatar

    Opps! I didn’t occur to me that I can increase the size and still not get nagging compact now message. I was thinking of completely disabling it. Tx for pointing that out.

  2. Is there any setting which allows to compact folders automatically when I’m not checking emails?

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