Demographic classifications, ABCDE, ABC1 and other grades

Demographic Profiles ABCDE ABC1

If you are in marketing you might have come across the term ABC, ABC1 and ABCDE. For new comers it might be little confusing for veterans it is a marketing mantra.

In simple terms ABCDE is the classification of people based on their income and earning levels.

These are very UK specific.

The National Readership Survey (NRS) which defines following demographic categories.

Social Grade Social Status Occupation
A upper middle class higher managerial, administrative or professional
B middle class intermediate managerial, administrative or professional
C1 lower middle class supervisory or clerical, junior managerial, administrative or professional
C2 skilled working class skilled manual workers
D working class semi and unskilled manual workers
E those at lowest level of subsistence state pensioners or widows (no other earner), casual or lowest grade workers


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