McAfee Upgrade Causing Problem With Outlook

McAfee Upgrade Causing Problem With Outlook
McAfee Upgrade Causing Problem With Outlook

I started my PC today morning and McAfee updated Outlook Scanner or something. It then restarted the Outlook and I got following error:

The add-in “c:\Program Files\McAfee\Managed Virus Scan\VScan\OutkUI.20100…” could not be installed or loaded. This problem may be resolved by using Detect and Repair on the Help Menu

So here goes another day to waste precious time in finding out solution for a problem which is created by McAfee for which I’ve to pay loads of money.

McAfee sucks so does Microsoft. I try to avoid Microsoft products and specially Outlook. Outlook is very good for dummies who have no idea what the e-mail clients are. And as it is bundled (read forced) with Windows a normal computer user has no idea if it can be totally dumped.

I use Thunderbird which if no the best Email client but it works far better than Outlook. The reasons why I avoid using Outlook are that it keeps on creating more problems and it crashes if your mail box size increases.

So coming back to the solution of this McAfee and Outlook problem…

Step 1

I did as Bill Gates suggested me to do – Detect and Repair on the Help Menu.

Out Look Detect and Repair
Out Look Detect and Repair

It reinstalled Outlook.
After reinstall I closed outlook and restarted but it didn’t resolve the problem. Back to square one.

Step 2 – Google-ing
Next step was to go back to my trusted friend Google and see if he has a solution.
I Googled for word “OutkUI.20100” and guess what? This very own post appears on the search result. And to my surprise there is only one search result for keyword OutkUI.20100. So I’m the first victim of McAfee incompetency?

Google Search Result for OutkUI.20100
Google Search Result for OutkUI.20100

Step 3 – Ask McAfee
Before I can as McAfee to provide solution, I had to gather details on the McAfee product which is installed on my system.

It didn’t take me long to find that I’m using McAfee Security-as-a-Service product.

Next step was to find out their Technical Support or Forum site. This is bloody pain in arse to find McAfee technical support page. It is called McAfee Community page, inside that I had to go to Business Community Section as this product is Business product, inside that I checked out their discussion forum and fount it to be empty. There are questions asked but no reply. What a load of rubbish McAfee is.

Discussion forum didn’t help.

Step 4 – Contacting McAfee UK

The last step is to contact McAfee. It needed some work to locate McAfee UK Business Support page.

Ok I’m lost, can’t find McAfee support contact details.

Sick! McAfee.

For time being the solution is to close the error window and carry on business as usual.

Ok finally after wasting about 1 hour I manage to resolve this issue.

The solution is to delete the extended.dat file which can be found in following folder

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

extended.dat file stores registry cache of Outlook add-in and it always gets screwed when something tries to mess up with Outlook


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