Outlook doesn’t show images

Sometimes Outlook doesn’t show the embedded images in the e-mails. This can happen even though you have installed a brand new Outlook.

There is no single reason for this problem. So all you have to do is to try all the solutions which you can find. Following are some of the solutions which worked for me.

The simplest problem is that Outlook blocks showing the embedded images for security reason. When this happens you will see a notice displayed in the Outlook. The simple solution is to unblock it.  Try this – Unblock image downloads in Outlook

However above is not the reason why I wrote this article.

It happened that I got a new desktop pc and installed brand new Outlook. Everything worked great until embedded images stop showing up in the e-mail. I don’t remember changing any settings in the outlook.

The problem arises from the outlook security settings which blocks images being download. This is a good feature and saves you from the nightmare should you download and click on malicious images.

One simple solution is to remove the OutlookSecureTempFolder key from registry

You need to find out your outlook version from Help->About and change instead of 9.0 visit the respective version’s’ folder. In my case it was 11.

Another Solution is to change the automatic download settings as below

In outlook Tools->options->security

Click “Change Automatic Download Settings…”

Uncheck  “Don’t download pictures or other content automatically in HTML e-mail”.

Close outlook and restart, see if this fixes problem?

The another complex problem is that you can open the attachment but it doesn’t show in the reading pane.

Here is another discussion on CNET – Outlook 2003 won’t download pictures .


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