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I received this e-mail from a client in Ireland today who wanted some SEO work to be done and that too for just £20/month.

First I laughed then smiled and then I realized what SEO has come to.

£20/month for Google Top 10 Ranking that too for about 4 or more keywords?

This must be the craziest request I have ever come across in my SEO career.

Or may be Irlenad has really gone bust ;)

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04/07/2011 22:40

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Tel: 0035….
Enquiry Details: My website is www… I am currently in the top 10 for certain keywords, but would like to get near the number 1 spot for various combinations of keywords. Keywords would be butlins minehead caravans, caravan hire butlins minehead, caravan hire minehead butlins etc, etc. I would be looking at no more than £20 per month.


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  1. SEO Outsoursing India Avatar
    SEO Outsoursing India

    Hi Ajay,
    £20/month might be dirt cheap for you but for us it is a little bit of money if not much. And it will be good for us to build our portfolio.

    Please pass client details to us and we will be happy to assist them in getting Google top 10 ranking for £20 per month.

    We can offer you some commission for your generosity too ;)

    1. LOL!!
      Where do you live? In jungle?
      What do you eat? Grass?

      £20 will be about 1400 Indian Rupees. I’m not sure what is the value of Gandhi in India now a days but Rs. 1,400/month is not even sufficient for 3 days of decent meal?

      1. SEO India Avatar
        SEO India

        ha ha ha
        This guy must be nuts, may be £20 is a typo. Did you check with him?

        1. Check what? That did he really mean £20/month?
          What if he replies
          “Yes, and sorry I already found another provider so thank you and good luck.”

  2. SEO London Avatar
    SEO London


  3. Krishna Avatar

    $20 for SEO.Disgusting!!!!!!!

  4. Hello,

    i read some of the content, O.K. where can i now buy the Top 10 SEO Package for 20 USD? *lol*

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