TeamViewer – Not ready. Please check your connection

I use TeamViewer quite often to connect to other computers. It has been working very well till today when it shows following message after starting it up.

Not ready. Please check your connection

This is the first time that I had any troubles with TeamViewer.

Few days back I updated TeamViewer to latest version and it worked after update.

There is nothing wrong with connection either. There is no problem with modem/router blocking the ports etc

TeamViewer - Not-ready. Please check your connection
TeamViewer – Not-ready. Please check your connection

I did a quick search on Google to find any solution but no luck there.


Since this problem happened after update, the first thing I did was to uninstall it and reinstall latest version.

And it worked.

So if you face similar problem then just uninstall and reinstall TeamViewer and it will work.

No need to reboot your computer or modem/router.


3 responses to “TeamViewer – Not ready. Please check your connection”

  1. kagez Avatar

    I had this, but my problem was that I had “Incoming LAN connections” set to “accept exclusively.” I didn’t think that would stop me from making an account, but it did.

  2. Marcuagut Avatar

    I have this problem but it does not do it when I use Teamviwer from my home router, it only happens at my sister home when I connect to the Internet using her router.
    Need help to fix this problem.

  3. din.luchao Avatar

    the problem how slove?

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