How To Build A Ranking Site With WordPress

Building a ranking site is one of those hundreds of sporadic ideas which popup in my head every morning. Ranking websites are attractive and touch the softer side of human psyche which every marketeer or genius always try to exploit.

Who doesn’t want to be in the top to and who doesn’t want to be ranked no. 1?  If you manage to build a successful ranking website then you can monetize it easily.

Building a full fledge ranking website might require considerable time, effort and investment and I’ve none of these. So in my usual spirit I resort to wodpress to find a quick and dirty solution.

How to Build A Ranking Website using WordPress?

Wordpress Ranking Website
Wordpress Ranking Website

Top 10 Recipe Websites
is the first ranking website which I started to build using WordPress and I’ll use this site as example in this tutorial.


You will need GD Star Rating plugin and plenty of imagination. You should be also familiar with the WordPress Custom Fields.

Step 1 – Create a custom field for Ranking

This is cheat, but you need to have some parameter to rank. So I started with a custom field called “ranking”.

Step 2 – Sort the posts by Ranking custom field

By default the posts in wordpress are sorted by descending order. All you need to do is to sort the posts by ranking field’s value.

That’s it. your dirty and basic ranking website is ready to shine. Next part is to decorate it.

Step 3 – Customize the Rating

GD Star plugin offers custom function to show the rating/thumbs up. I’ve used the custom thumbup to show the number of thumbs. You can change the thumbup icon as per your choice.

Further enhancements

A more realistic approach for ranking could be to add more parameters in your own basic ranking algorithm. I could think of following parameters which can be used in addition to just thumbups.

1) Number of pages in the websites

2) Number of incoming links

3) Number of facebook page fans

4) Twitter followers

5) Alexa Ranking

I’m yet to utilize above parameters to enhance the ranking site. I’ll keep updated as I work on it.


3 responses to “How To Build A Ranking Site With WordPress”

  1. Hi, I’m so happy you wrote this post! I’m thinking of building a ranking website for my community and I’m glad that WordPress can to the job. Btw, you did a very nice job with your example. Can you recommend other good ranking websites? Or tutorials on how to approach the topic? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Peter,
    You can’t build a full fledge ranking website with WordPress, it is simply impossible. Why to use sledgehammer to crack a nut ;) is pretty simple and just rely on simple GD star rating value to rank sites. I’ve already given the ideas on how to enhance it further. Buy beyond that there is end of WordPress.

    I recommend to use custom php script or Drupal (heavy stuff).

  3. Boyd Wichman Avatar
    Boyd Wichman

    I wamt to have a website with 3 blogs. I believe Genesis framework will do this with the child blogs;then I can SEO each blog. How can I get good ratings with Genesis? Bpyd

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