My Stack Featured on Homepage

Just saw the following e-mail from engineer Matt Miller informing me that my Drama Movies stack is featured on home page.

Hey AjayKumarSingh on Delicious.

I’m Matt and I’m the programmer here at Delicious and I wanted to write and say that I’ve really been enjoying your stacks, especially your stack Drama Movies!

Everyday I’m tasked with scouring the site to find stacks to feature on the homepage, and I can’t tell you how great it is when I come across content like yours. It’s gratifying to find Delicious users who take the time to investigate a topic and find great visual/entertaining links, especially when the stack feature is very much in its infancy.

That being said, I am hoping that you might be interested in being part of our very unofficial and informal “Secret Stack Society.” Basically, all it involves is you continuing to create great stacks with awesome content, sharing your feedback with us, and possibly getting featured on the homepage or getting the occasional piece of swag or a sneak peek into a new, unreleased feature. If you’re interested, here is what we are looking for:
New stacks related to Entertainment (which will be an actually site category in the coming weeks with a redesign of the home page)
Create your stacks with both stack and link descriptions to help give them your unique curatorial voice and style
Feedback about the process. We want to know what would make building stacks simpler, easier to share, or whatever else you’d like us to know.
That’s it. I’m now following you on Delicious and please send me any stacks you would like me to take a look at. I am really excited to see what you come up with next and hope to be featuring more of your stacks on the homepage soon!


My Drama Movies Stack Featured on Homepage
My Drama Movies Stack Featured on Homepage

At first glance I didn’t take the e-mail seriously and thought it might be a joke or some kind of invitation to do more on Then decided to read through it till end and then only I realized that it is a real e-mail indeed but certainly not hand written ;) or is it?

I checked delicious homepage and saw my Drama Movies stack on the bottom right side.

This is really encouraging from new Delicious owners to manually check and reward those who create nice stacks.

I’ve been using Delicious since long time, may be about 76 years or so. Delicious has never been so fun. I didn’t like it much when it was with Yahoo. The interface was poor and dull and there wasn’t many things you could do there apart from just bookmarking.

AVOS, after acquiring it from delicious, has done some impressive changes. Stack is one of the best feature they have introduced. Stack is nothing but a collection of links grouped together.

I liked stack features since it was introduced and have been using it all the time.

Coming back to being featured on Delicious homepage, I’m not sure how long stack is going to be there. And I’m not sure of Secret Stack Society either ;)

I just got above e-mail and nothing else trust me ;)

The most disappointing part is that I didn’t get any traffic for the target links even after being featured on homepage.

So why to waste so much of time in creating nice stacks and decorating it if you don’t get traffic.

Well if not traffic then at least you get benefit for SEO as Delicious is trusted friend of Google.


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