.in Domain WHOIS Privacy Gone


Here is a shocker!

.in domain name whois privacy feature has been withdrawn by INRegistry! Sick!

All of sudden one of my .in domains failed to resolve. I had no clue what is going on. A quick check revealed that domain was still pointing to correct DNS and it was resolving correctly. There was no issue at the hosting.

Finally I gave up and decided to check with registrar who replied that INRegistry has removed WHOIS privacy from all .in domains and those domains which have been using WHOIS privacy has been marked INACTIVE by INRegistry.


First of all if INRegistry has disabled the whois privacy then how could they say that I still have whois privacy on my domain?

Sounds idiotic but logic doesn’t work with these “langoors” in Delhi.

My registrar advised me to remove whois privacy in order to lift the inactive status on the .in domain.

I checked INRegistry website (a piece of rubbish) to find out any news but as expected there is no new on the site.

So if your .in domain doesn’t work, then all you need to do is to remove WHOIS privacy and contact INRegistry or your registrar to make your domain active.


7 responses to “.in Domain WHOIS Privacy Gone”

  1. Kailash Avatar

    I didn’t know that .in domains had WHOIS privacy.

    1. Yes it was always there. .in domains had no restrictions on who can register the domains. Cheap price and whois privacy always lured domain squatters and result was that you couldn’t find any .in domain any more.
      .in was fast becoming a hot cyber real estate second only to .com and that was the reason why dim witted monkeys sitting in New Delhi decided to stop whois privacy thinking that it will stop domain squatting.

      The worst part is that if you had WHOIS privacy on .in domain then they could simply make it INACTIVE and domainjack your domain unless you remove and then beg them to release it.

      1. If they really want to stop domain squatting then they should only allow Indians to register .in domains like they do in Italy.

  2. I heard they don’t have even electricity in India, I wonder how do they manage to run computers?

    1. They run it from cow dung powered fuel ;)
      Somehow they convert cow dung into electric current.
      Electricity is there, by the time it reaches your home it has been stolen by the “mob”.

      1. Albert Avatar

        “Somehow they convert cow dung into electric current.”
        Seriously bro! how do they do it?
        Do they use some kind of yoga power or what?

        1. Nah! It’s not yoga power.
          It is an ancient science, more ancient than history.
          May be some God somewhere revealed this secret science to someone who meditated under a Banyan tree for 21 years.

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