How to disable Facebook “Want More Page Likes” pop-up Ad

Visit any of your Facebook page and you will be greeted with “Want More Page Likes” pop-up ad. This is annoying for any Facebook page admin. If you manage hundreds of Facebook pages, as I do, then this pop-up ad really becomes a pain.

Facebook "Want More Page Like"
Annoying “Want More Page Like” pop-up ad

I’m not sure since when Facebook started showing up this pop-up ad but this is really a good example of desperate marketing gone bad.

Facebook is following Google (AdWords) in pushing their paid advertising platform which certainly doesn’t work and will never work no matter how hard Facebook tries it.

How to disable Facebook “Want More Page Likes” pop-up?

So how do turn off “Want More Page Likes” pop-up ad?

Unfortunately you can’t turn it off.

Either you live with it or quit facebook.


3 responses to “How to disable Facebook “Want More Page Likes” pop-up Ad”

  1. Funny though. No one else is complaining.
    I also find it really irritating to keep seeing this pop-up ad every time I visit my Facebook page. I was lazy and never tried to find out how to disable this thingy.

  2. I hate these facebook pop-up ads, for goodness sake stop annoying s**t out of me Mr. Zuckerberg.

  3. One more reason to quit Facebook.

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