Cheap Domain Name Registration

Domain names are no more an expensive affair. Now a days you can register a domain as cheap as $3.99 for some country level domains. Top Level Domain TLDs start from as low as $9.99 and if you search little more than you should be able to get it at lower price.

$9.99 is not a lot of money to write a post about. However if you are into domain buying and selling business and own hundreds of domain then every penny counts and hence this post.

So how to register domains at cheapest price?

Answer is not straight forward. You will have to do a research on various domain registrars, check their prices, any hidden costs etc and then use them to register domains.
Well you might ask why I’m elaborating this simple process so much and why not I just spit out the best domain registrar I’ve used.

It is again not so simple. I’ve used all of the top domain registrars and I can cay for sure that there is no single registrar which can offer you cheap price for all domain extensions. Some of them might be cheaper for .com domain while other might be cheaper for .net/.org etc. So depending on the domain extension you will have to narrow down on the registrar.

Cheap Country Level Domain (ccTLD) Registration

Registering ccTLD are nightmare specially with European country level domain. Even domain name registration prices can vary drastically from one UK registrar to another. I’ve seen the differences as high as £2 between two cheapest registrars I use.

Other European country level domains are very expensive and if you are not caution then you will be ripped off easily. Some of registrars really take you for ride and charge you enormous sum of money. So again do research on the prices from various registrars.

Following are some of Domain registrars which are the cheapest and best:
I like as it is pretty simple and very easy to use. offers free nameserver. However the whois privacy costs $1.99/yr which is free on the other registrar which I use.
Some of the ccTLD registrations are also cheap but not the .uk domain. .uk domains are expensive on

Cheapest Registrars for .UK domain names

I’ve been using to register .uk domains and they are the best when it comes to the price. However their control panel interface sucks. If you can live with control panel then they are worth trying.

Their domain name search tool is awesome. Give it a try below

However this is not the only UK domain registrar I use. I also use other registrars which are cheaper than but I’m not revealing the secret ;)

Most of the non UK based registrars will be expensive for .uk domain registration.

Go Daddy, for instance, charges more for .uk domains than 123-reg does. In fact GoDaddy’s price for .uk domain is twice than the cheapest price I get from another registrar.

Don’t trust me? Try GoDaddy’s domain registration service below

To be continued…


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