CRE Loaded Images are not showing on Product Listing Pages

Recently I come across client’s online shopping cart which was using CRE Loaded shopping cart and images were not showing up in the category and product listing pages. The images showed up in the popup window.

the images also didn’t show in CRE Loaded admin as well.

This CRE Loaded installation was using the thumbnail module.

In this post I’ll explain how to solve Image not showing problem in CRE Loaded shopping cart.


The very first step is to check the image path. To find out image path open the product listing page in Firefox Browser and right click on image and select View Image Info option. It will pop up a window which will show the image details.

Here you will see the Location field. This is the URL from where image is being shown. You will need to examine this URL to find out if something is missing or not configured properly?

If you have enabled phpThumb then it might be more complex to find out a solution. If there is no phpThumb being used then problem might be with configuration or file/folder permissions.

If you have mod_rewrite enabled then it adds extra complexity.


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