Real Dumb Stories on the Wild Wild Web

1) I posted a job on a freelance website. One yank applied for $5 an hour. The task involved to create an account on a search engine and add keywords against some of my websites.

The answer I got from yank was “Why do I create account on a website which I don’t know”.

Are people really so dumb in America?

2) I was taking to this Ukrainian Beauty on chat. I asked her to translate a web page in Russian. The answer I got from her was a real stunner.

She said, point blank, that she doesn’t do such kind of job. I was perplexed. She does translation then why she can’t do this job.

I asked her why.

Her reply was like dropping atom bomb over Hiroshima. She replied

“I don’t do translation for gambling content”

I was just stunned. Not knowing what to say, I asked

“Why what is wrong with that”

“Gambling makes people bad”, she replied, innocently or proudly or in dumb way I can’t tell as I was on chat and couldn’t see her face.

I was just speechless on her dumbness. I think the dumbness balance is restored for today.

I found one dumb in America and to restore it I found another in far Russia.

Balance is restored and world is out of danger :)


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