Outsourcing to India is Passé, USA is hot destination now!!!

USAOutsourcing to USA is new trend. Grab the opportunity before it is overcrowded.

Frustrated with outsourcing to India? Fed up with excuses you get from outsourcing Sweatshops?

Try outsourcing to USA.

What USA? You must be kidding!!!

No I’m not.

Being in the UK and riding the power of mighty British Pounds I find USA the best place to outsource.

I’ve been outsourcing a lot of Mundane work such as Data Entry writing work, web design and even Web Development work to USA and found it quite successful. As economy shows downwards trend, jobs are lost, unemployment rises the mighty superpower opens up window of opportunity for outsourcing. Availability of plenty of Outsourcing portal and jobs sites makes it easier to find providers in USA.

I find a lot of advantages in outsourcing to USA which are

– They do understand English

– Being a mature economy and good education, I find workers there quite mature, with very little instruction and guidance they complete the task

– They are sincere and take responsibility and complete the work without much fuss

However there are some disadvantages too

– They are not flexible with timings and more than 8 hours is not acceptable to them

– They will work in their working time and can’t give you extra hours beyond that duration

– No scope of bargain. Either you accept their rate or move on

I’m not the only one following this trend here in UK and I’ve found most of UK businesses following the same trend after a unsuccessful innings with India.

A typical Data Entry job can go as low as $1/hr if you know how to find suitable professionals.

You can get a writer to do you online writing job for as low as $5/250 words.

A single web page design will cost you as low as $15.

These are just the tip of iceberg.

So what are you waiting for grab this opportunity and start outsourcing to USA!!


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