Facebook Pages – How to Switch Between Personal and Page Administrator Account

Facebook pages are associated with a person account. You can’t create a Facebook page without having a personal account. On a Facebook page you can post personal account of page account. This is little bit confusing and sometimes might seems to be confusing.

By default when you create a Facebook page it automatically switches you to become as Page administrator account. So when you post on that Facebook page or comment on posts you will be posting/commenting as page’s administrator and your page name will appear in posts/comments.

Posting as page administrator account is normal, however commenting on posts as page administrator account might not be a good idea.

There is setting on Facebook page account which lets you switch between your personal account and page administrator account.

Here is how you switch between these two accounts

In this example I’ve taken example of  Cricket Facebook page – Cricket Dawn

1) Login to Facebook and open facebook page

2) Click on Edit from the top right corner of the page

Facebook Page - Edit Page
Facebook Page – Edit Page

3) Click on Your Settings from left.

4) On Your Settings page you can tick or untick the following option as needed

Facebook - Edit Page - Your Settings
Facebook – Edit Page – Your Settings

Note: You’re currently using Facebook as Ajay Kumar Singh. To switch to Cricket Dawn, click Account at the top of any page.”

When this box is checked you will become Page Account and all posting and commenting will appear as Page Account.

If you uncheck this box it will switch you to your personal account and all post.

Bug or Feature?

There is a potential problem.

When you have switched to your personal account for the page and you post on the page, the post doesn’t appear on the page but it appears on your personal wall.

I’m not sure if this is a feature or potential bug? When I’m posting on a page’s wall it should be posted on that page’s wall and not my personal wall?

Post as page and comment as personal account

Here is what I do. When I’ve to post on a Facebook page I switch to become page account and when I ‘ve to comment I switch to personal account.


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  1. Noori Khan Avatar
    Noori Khan

    good informative article……

  2. Bundle Baazi Avatar
    Bundle Baazi

    Great post – Was always confused – had to ask a friend to share that post so that can comment on it as the user. :)

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