How to Find Nexus S Model Number

For one reason or another you might need to know your mobile phone’s model number. The reason why I needed it today was to find out the USB driver for my Nexus S smartphone.

I wonder why these mobile manufacturers just don’t print the model number on the back of the phone. It doesn’t bring down their quality of phone or makes it look less aesthetic. Except mobile phones all other electronic devices have the model number printed somewhere which can be seen easily without opening them.

Here are simple instructions to find out the Model number of Samsung Nexus S smartphone

1) Open the back cover of the phone

2) Remove battery

Nexus S Remove Battery to see Model Number
Nexus S Remove Battery to see Model Number

3) Look for the Model as per following image

Nexus S Model Number
Nexus S Model Number

In my case the Nexus S model number is GT-I9023


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