Firefox 4 released – It’s design looks like a copy of Opera’s design

Firefox 4 - First Impression
Firefox 4 – First Impression

Today Firefox 4 is released after numerous 3.x.x updates. I just installed it and as soon as it restarted I was shocked to see that it’s design is a copy of Opera’s design.

Firefox 4 Design Vs Opera's Design
Firefox 4 Design Vs Opera's Design

I was even confused a little bit whether it is Firefox window or Opera as I used both web browsers.

That was the first impression of Firefox.

Next was the speed. Firefox 4 is faster than it’s predecessors. Firefox is notoriously slow thanks to it’s countless Add-ons. Even if you stripped it down to the bare minimum it will still remain slow. Google Chrome has been doing quire well in terms of speed and I normally used Chrome of browsing.

I haven’t done any lab test to find out how faster Firefox 4 is but I can tell from my experience that it is certainly faster than it’s predecessors.

Firefox 4 Tabs
Firefox 4 Tabs

Next feature, a copy of Opera’s design, is the little tool bar at the top left corner and rest of toolbar, buttons and menu which all either look a copy of Opera’s design or inspired by it.

Firefox 4 - Password Management
Firefox 4 – Password Management

Another new feature is the remember Password box which pops out when you update the password. In previous versions it used to be a thin tool bar sliding down from the top.

If you haven’t upgraded firefox then better do it now.


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