Google AdSense – How To Block Advertiser

Fed up with seeing weight loss, teeth whitening advertisements on your precious website/blog? Or you just don’t like an advertiser and would like to block advertisement appearing from that advertiser?

There is a very simple solution.

You can block an advertiser by using Google AdSense Allow & block ads feature.

Here are some simple instructions to block advertisement in AdSense from advertisers.

Google AdSense - Block Advertiser
Google AdSense – Block Advertiser

Login to your Google AdSense account, click on Allow & block ads menu, then from left click on Advertiser URLs.

In the right side window – Enter URLs – enter the domain name of advertisers and click on Block URLs

It is very important to know which URL you wish to block. If you are lost then just enter the domain name of the advertiser which will block all URLs from that advertiser.

In the above example I’ve used domain name as this domain belong to some crap weight loss crap advertiser and it is a complete turn off for any webmaster. will block all advertisement appearing from this advertiser on all of your websites.

List of advertisers to block

Here I’ll keep adding the list of advertisers to bloc which you can simply copy and paste in Block URLs box. These advertisers are weight loss, skin problem, teeth whitening and other useless bunch of misfits of the society.


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  1. Lloyd Maddox Avatar
    Lloyd Maddox

    How do I block ads by Google.
    I am running windows 7 PRO and I don’t have a Google account and don’t have Google installed on my Desktop PC.

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