How To Redeem Google AdWords Gift Card

Google is notorious to send out AdWords gift cards to anyone they see is a fish. I’m not a big fan for PPC. PPC is a total rip off for businesses. Specially for small businesses who just keep sinking money in Google’s pocket thinking that it will bring them business.

The reason why these gullible small business fall in Google AdWords is that they have no idea what SEO is all about. They think SEO is also paid and that you have to pay to Google to get your website appear in top ranking. If you don’t trust my words then ask any person in the street who is not a geek and doesn’t know SEO.  Ask if they know how come some of the sites appear in the top of Google search result while others don’t. The most common answer will be that you have to pay to Google to appear there.

Coming back to the redeeming Google Adwords Gift Card. I received £100 gift card today so decided to give it a try to check how realistic these gift cards are.

The £100 gift came with a string attached – To be used only with existing account. That is interesting. Most often Google sends out gift cards to anew business to lure them. This is first time I’ve received a gift card for existing account.

However at first I didn’t read the condition and assumed that it must be for new account, so I went ahead and created a new account. But while writing this post I checked the condition again and saw that it has to be used with existing account. Humm!! I almost blew up £100.

Billing -> Preferences

Scroll down to the end of page and you will find the Promotional Code section.

Google AdWords Redeem Gift Card
Google AdWords Redeem Gift Card

Enter your redeem code as it is mentioned in the letter.

Luckily it worked for me ;)

Google AdWords Redeem Gift Card Success
Google AdWords Redeem Gift Card Success


5 responses to “How To Redeem Google AdWords Gift Card”

  1. Hi,

    I have a $250 Google Ad-words gift card which will be expired by the end of December.
    I don’t have anything now to advertise but early 2012 I’ll need to advertise and take advantage of the gift card.
    Is there anyway to keep this amount in my account and use it later(I mean after 31the of December).


    1. Yes it is possible.
      All you need is to enter the Google AdWords Gift Card Redeem code in the account as explained above. Once it is accepted your account will be credited with $250 and it will remain in your account forever.

      There is no expiry date for the credited amount once it goes into your account.

      Above is my understanding and based on my personal experience. I’ve redeemed Google AdWords Gift Card many times and in some cases I don’t use all of the amount and they remain in the account.

      However I would advise you to check the latest Terms and Conditions for Google AdWords Gift Card Redeem Policy.

  2. I want to ask you something i just recieve google adward gift card 75 doller. Please quide me what should i have to do now.

    my friend told me that if i use this card and when its 75 doller balance is finished then ammount bill aouto deduct from my adsese account.

    is it possible that i use it and when it finish that my adward account will auto stop.

    Please help me. URGENT

    1. 1) Create a new Google AdWords account as it might not work with old AdWords account.

      2) Next enter Credit Card or Debit card details. You might also opt for post payment option from Bank account.

      3) Enter the redeem code as I’ve explained above.

      4) When you create a campaign you can specify the amount you want to spent each day. When this amount runs out your campaign will automatically stop.

      E.g. You can set up $15 daily limit and run campaign for 5 days.

  3. tamy zhou Avatar
    tamy zhou

    I am based in South Africa and i received a 5oo rands gift voucher.However,i got it late and the amount had dropped to R300,which i then reedemed.I should honestly say that i wasn’t expecting much traffic because i set up the Ads in a hurry without paying much attention to detail.I was suprised when i got an increament of almost 500 visitors in less than a week.When using adwords,just make sure that your site is good at converting your vistors into cash if that is your main goal.

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