How to fix iPhone app crashing issue

This is first time that an app crashes on my iPhone. And that turned out to be the Zynga Poker app which is one of the most stable iPhone App I’ve ever used. This app never crashed in the past.

Since I’m techie and I know inside out of the app development and other stuff, it didn’t take me few seconds to fix the crashing issue.

The most common issue why an iPhone app crashes is that iPhone has run out of storage. 

And the solution is simple. Free some storage. Either you can delete the unwanted apps or delete the cache from some of the apps such as RSS apps which occupy a lot of storage.

I use MobileRSS app which took up a lot of storage, I cleaned the cache and recovered about 1 GB of storage which resolved the app crashing issue.

How to check the storage in iPhone

Tap on Settings from Home screen
Tap on Settings from Home screen

Tap on Settings from home screen.

Tap on General
Tap on General

In settings tap on General

Tap on Usage
Tap on Usage

In General tap on Usage

iPhone Usage
iPhone Storage Usage

In the usage you can see how much storage is left. If you are left with just 500MB or less storage space then chances are that apps are going to crash.You should keep at least 1 GB of free storage in the iPhone app all the time.


4 responses to “How to fix iPhone app crashing issue”

  1. bro you are genius. I had one app which kept crashing all the time. I even gave negative review to the developer. It never occured to me that it could have been storage issue. I just checked my storage, as you explained above, and found out that I got only 300 MB left. I freed up some storage and app stopped crashing.

    Tx again for sharing this post.

  2. Matthias Avatar

    On my iPhone Anmgery Bird app kept crashing from time to time. I couldn’t find a solution. I just found your post when I searched for “How to fix iPhone app crashing issue” on Google. I tried your solution and it worked.

    I couldn’t believe that storage could have been an issue with app crashing.

  3. Not that much of a ‘techie’ when it clearly shows you have 7gb of unused storage.
    Clearing storage from iCloud (which is what you are highlighting) will not have any impact on physical memory. Here’s me thinking I’d get a fix for my apps that keep crashing.

    1. You caught me napping ;)
      Sorry, I didn’t mean iCloud storage. I might have been overworked when I was doing images. I’ve corrected the image now.

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