UK Cookie Law

UK Cookie Law
UK Cookie Law

The new UK, correction EU, Cookie law came into effect on 26th May 2012 which affects all UK Online businesses. If you are based in the UK then you need to worry about otherwise just laugh at the EU stupidity and carry on.

I’m new to this cookie madness, I’m still in the exploration phase so I decided to put all things together at one place for the benefit of others who will also do the same thing and come out with nothing.

What is UK Cookie Law?

A pain in butt! That is what UK cookie law is all about. It is not a British invention but an EU import, so don’t blame Brits about it. It all came down from Brussels.

Ok, that was humour, or my way of releasing the frustration which has built up since this bloody EU Cookie law came into effect.

This is EU Cookie law, all EU countries have to implement it. So it was just matter of time when this cookie plague hit British Isle.

Following are the links which will give you more insight on the EU Cookie law

Cookies Guidance

The 2nd link contains the guidelines which is the Bible of EU Cookie Law in the UK.

UK Cookie Law simplified

To put it in simple terms, EU Cookie Law states that you need to tell users (to your website) what cookies you are using and take their consent for using the cookies. If users don’t accept it then kick them out from your website.

I wish it was as simple as I put it together in 2 lines above.

The biggest problem is the implementation of the same. There are more questions then answers and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

There are no straight forward implementation. Cookie Guidance gives some clue about how to implement it.

How to comply with UK Cookie Law

Don’t get lost in the Law itself. Think of why this law came into effect at all. The simple answer is that they want to protect users privacy.

Bloody Privacy!

You can find more information about a person from Google search than a website owner will find about by placing cookie in the browser.

So it is all about users privacy.

In order to comply with EU Privacy Law you need to inform users about the cookies clearly. When I say clearly it literally means clearly. It should be loud and clear.

Then obtain their consent before allowing them to browse your website.

If users don’t accept it then you need to divert (where?) away from the website.

UK Cookie Law Audit

Before you take any further steps, you need to first audit your website for the cookies.

This post on UK Cookie Law Audit will help you further.


Here is my way of dealing with the EU Cookie Law.

1) Add cookies related clause in Privacy policy.

2) Change the link name from Privacy to be Privacy and Cookies

This suggestion is from Cookies Guidance document.

3) Get user’s consent for the cookies

This is the most challenging aspect of the implementation.

You can either use pop up or overlay to get user’s consent.

Most of CMSs such as WordPress and Drupal have plugins/modules for this.

Other readings

UK Cookie Law FAQ

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