iPhone Application Development Project

We are looking for an iPhone application developer to develop an iPhone app similar to Talking Ben.

The idea for this is similar to Talking Ben’s but the character will change and the action will be something different. This is an initial idea and open for further discussion.

This iPhone application development can be broken into followings:

1) Character Design/Animation

Design or record our character. This character already exists in TV Show. So the iPhone App developer has option to either design this character in 3D from scratch based on our character or record the character and then animate.

2) Animation effects

Add animation effect which is again open for further discussion

3) Voice Recognition

When you speak to the character it speaks back.

As I understand this feature might be expensive so probably we will not implement this in the beginning.


We are limited with budget so this iPhone App development has to be done in less budget.

We have our own developer account on iTunes so uploading/management of the iPhone App is not included in the project.

How to Apply

If you are an iPhone Developer or iPhone Application Development Agency based in London/UK then contact me to discuss it further.

Developers/Agencies from EU/Russia/Ukraine are also welcome to apply but we would prefer agencies who are based in the UK.


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