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Attracting more traffic to website whether it is business website, corporate website, ecommerce website or affiliate website has been always challenging task. This is not because it is difficult but because there are more websites like yours on the Internet and competition is getting tougher day by day.

Even if your website appear in the Google Top 10 there is no guarantee that it will generate a good traffic.

So what is the trick?

What is the secret behind attracting more traffic?

Well there are may ways in which you can attract more traffic to your website and I’m revealing the secret below.

Web Design

Believe it or not it is true that a poor web design can not attract visitor even if it appears on Google Top 10. I’ve personally observed it for many such websites which started with simple design achieved Google Top 10 ranking but didn’t attract much traffic and as soon as they got a good web site design they started pulling traffic.

I started a business website which was pretty simple in web design and not attractive even though I have done enough SEO to bring it in Google top 10 for main keywords. In the initial days it was not attracting much traffic and I used to get just less than 100 unique visitors per day.

After few months of its launch I decided to completely redo the web design and got a very attractive Web 2.0 design for this website and within 1 month of launch with new web 2.0 design this website not only attracted more than 1000+ unique visitors but also generated a lot of business and revenue for me and still continues to do so.

Web Design has been always ignored by people in favor of other methods such as Link Building, Advertisement and Social Media Optimization. But as I explained above am attractive website design can also increase the traffic and keep your visitors hooked up to it.

Search Engine Optimization

It is well known fact is that a website appearing in Google Top 10 attracts 70% more traffic than ones which appear on page 2 onwards. And a website appearing in Google Top 3 attracts 80% more traffic than those appearing anywhere between top 4-10. So the conclusion is you would like to in Google Top position in order to attract more traffic to your website.

SEO is big topic and it can’t be described in one post or even in a book. However I can describe some of the most basic SEO techniques which you shall always keep in mind for optimizing websites for search engines.

1) Content/Website Optimization

Content is the King.

Always write relevant, interesting and dynamic content which is optimized for Search Engines. Keep main keywords in mind while writing content. Keep revising the content till you have reached to the perfection.

Most often people optimize only the home page of website and completely ignoring the other pages. Each and every page in your website is important and contributes towards improving overall ranking of your website.

2) SEO Reports

You should get a good SEO Consultancy firm to prepare a comprehensive SEO report for your website in order to optimize all pages of your website.

A good SEO report is also needed to keep an eye on your performance against your main competitors.

3) Link Building

Link building is one of the most important aspect of SEO Optimization. You must be careful in link building and should avoid linking from irrelevant websites, link forms and certainly don’t get involved in link buying. Always rely on Organic SEO.

4) Blogging, Article Writing, PR and others

Blogs are excellent platform to create dynamic content and get instant traffic. Articles are another way to get relevant and contextual links. PR is good for your business websites and may not be relevant when you are not a business.

Mere blogging again can’t guarantee you traffic. You need to promote blog in order to attract traffic. Blog promotion is again tricky and requires extra effort and some investment.

The above are some of the SEO guidelines, as I said SEO is a massive task and you should certainly consider engaging a good SEO Company for all your SEO activities.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media is now the present and future of World Wide Web. The advantage of SMO is that your website gets instant exposure and sometimes within few minutes of SMO your website will be populated in all social networking websites thus brining more traffic instantly.

However SMO is not limited only to bring instant traffic but it can be leverage to keep your website popular in social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo and others.

Social Bookmarking

The Social Bookmarking revolution started by Digg still continues and it is one of the most popular way to get instant traffic to your website. On average a top story on Digg can attract more than 10,000 unique visitors per day which is by far massive and requires almost no investment.

New to Digg-ing?

Learn how to digg in easy steps.

However not all websites can be made popular on digg and other social bookmarking websites. Blogs/news stories are the best to promote on social bookmarking websites.

Above are just some of the basis online marketing strategies to get traffic. I would try to discuss other methods of getting more traffic in future.

Keep tuned…


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