Tatas have now ventured into e-mail spamming Services

So Tatas have launched a new services called “Tata E-mail Spamming Services (TESS)”…

If you are Indian and live in India you can’t miss Tatas, they are everywhere, inside your home, outside home, in water, in salt, in cars, trucks, you name it they are there.

Tata Trucks, Tata Cars, Tata Salt, Tata Hotels, Tata Sky TV (Good that I don’t miss my Sky channels), Tata (sic) this Tata (sic) that…
errr. not to mention TCS and oh yes the Internet connection which I’m using right now.. Tata Broadband.. Tata Wimax.. …..

Since this is the era of the Internet so why Tatas have to be behind any other spammers? So they got here too.

They revolutionized the IT industry via TCS so why not to revolutionze the Spammin Industry too.

Join me to welcome the lunch of the Tata E-mail Spamming Services (TESS)

I’ve no interest in Tata (sic) Nano (sic) car and certinly not in getting a finance from Tatacapital.com (spammers)

(Spam) E-mail is received from ritesh.singla@tatacapital.com on 10th april 2009

Click on the below image to see the full snap

Tata Nano Spammers

E-mail body copied here..

Cost of Application form – Rs.300

Booking open from 9th Apr – 25th Apr 09

Tata Nano

Tata Nano

How to BOOK?

Cash Option – Rs. 95000 for NANO standard

Rs.120000 for NANO CX

Rs.140000 for NANO LX

Finance Option – Rs. 3199 for NANO standard

Rs.3799 for NANO CX

Rs.4299 for NANO LX

Please revert with the below details and we will come to you and help you in booking your NANO

Name: ___________________________

Location: _________________________

Contact No:_______________________

For More details visit


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