From Russia with Love

Got this in mailbox today

From Russia With Love
From Russia With Love

Hello my friend!!!

This letter arrived to you from Russian Internet dating agency “The Relationships”.
This is not spam or other bad things. So, please, answer to me!!!

My name is Ekaterina. I’m 32 years old from small city Asbest, 86 km from Ekaterinburg, Russia.
I addressed to agency “The Relationships” and they sent my letter to you.
I want to search man from THE WEST for friendship and love.
I’m not married and have no children.
This is my photo. I hope that you like it and will answer to me.

Please, answer only to my personal e-mail address:

Best regards,

Yours Ekaterina


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  1. Hi, I got exactly the same e-mail, except the return e-mail address was different. I was crazy enough to send a reply to her. She’s replied pretty promptly and now wants to come to England, where I live. I must have been crazy!

    The strange thing is the original e-mail came from someone else and it went to the address I’ve given above, which is not out on the web, and must have given to someone I know.

    Can you shed any light on this, as you seem to know a lot about this sort of thing?

    Many thanks,


    1. Its probably a scam..I got an answer to an E-mail from a girl in russia that i had never contacted. Now supposedly she is in Moscow on her way to meet me…one catch…she needs 950 dollars…I smell a dead cat

      1. Jason Avatar

        I received the same email and she said that she is on her way to America and need the exact same amount, $950. This is definitely a scam. Pretty girl though.

        1. $950 what a pitty sum for such pretty girl ;)

  2. paulo Avatar

    Good day my Lovely Paulo!!!

    How was your dream today? I hope that all good for you!!!

    Lovely, please, read this letter a very attentive!!!!!! OK???

    I got my visa today!!! And I can arrive to you!!! BUT!!!

    I got visa with a little problems. I paid additional money and create a contract with a travel company.

    They helped me with reception visa. Now I have contract with them and I MUST buy ticket via this company!!!

    Only this way!!! Do you understand me?

    Also I have problems with customs control!!! I MUST to have 1500 euro with myself for travel!!!

    This is new law for Russian citizens!!! I don’t knew about this!!!

    And I have no this money…

    I don’t know what to do… I’m broken, Lovely!!!

    To me have told that I will not spend this money!!! This is only for passing customs control!!!

    Please, answer to me with your ideas about this situation. Please, forgive me. I don’t knew about this!!!

    Can you help me with it, Lovely?

    Waiting for your fast answer….

    Yours Ekaterina

  3. Alessio Avatar

    i received the same today…it’s not real

  4. Houston search engine optimization Avatar
    Houston search engine optimization

    She is looking very pretty. I really enjoyed this post of LOVE.

    1. Got the same type of response but from a different she is in Moscow and asking for money..Beware looks like a scam.

  5. Funny…. she’s also maria from abest! Ask her questions like who is putting your documents and visa together… she never answers them. She wrote to me she is coming to the us to teach dance… fraud…. its some agency using some girls picture (she many not even know) or she does and will take part of the money for letting whatever scum agency is doing this. If it;s too good to be true it is! Someone that goodlooking has pelenty of rich russian guys fawning over her! This is sooooo common out of russian and ukraine. If you really want to meet some nice girls and there are some…. go on a us sponsored tour where they take you on socials..

    good luck f with these people ask them for money and come up with a hard luck story. tell them you did western union the money and make the name off by one letter…. they’ll be pannincking to find who got the moeny! I’m going to f with maria for as long as i can. I was emailed from her on match,com and smelled that rat a continent away

    1. You guys better back off my woman. She is on her way to Moscow now and from there she will get a ticket to come be with me forevor. I just have to wire 950 and she is mine. Ok and 1200 for the travel agent. But that’s it. She loves me.

      She is smoking hot though. And very nice to talk to on email. I would pay the money if she was real… Thanks for ruining it for me. I blame you guys.


  6. Would you believe she sent me a nude pict with just her hand covering her southern region! I didn’t even ask for it! Now she wants airport codes neatest to me… ok whats the line on how many more emails before she needs money with some sob story from the embassy or airport?!!!!! My guess is three. Guys tell her you will wire the money like I’m going to do and see how long you can make them squirm! I think this chick is a porno star in russia! I am the only lucky one with nude picts? Nice melons gotta say!

    dan that won’t fall for the scam man!!!!!

    1. Guess I haven’t got as far as you yet … nothing naked. Some pretty smokin shots tho

  7. ok maria is in ekatrinasberg and going to fly to moscow. yeah right! I asked her what city she is coming to in the US, we’ll see what she makes up! I suspect the money problems start tomorrow in Moscow, documents cost more than she thought, for sure!
    This is rich! I wonder what manria’s name really is… sergie, maxim, valdamir, I think I shoud tell her to fly to warswaw and get her visa their and that I’ll meet her there!
    ha ha ha are you still writing her? Keep it up….they have quite a few stock picts of this chick, she’s got to be some sort of model..maybe I’ll get a few more nudes if i
    m lucky!

    living in america

  8. It’s the under 2 emails and now she needs $15.90! So she’s stuck in moscow now, poor baby…She’s now Maria pavlova and even has a travel agency , thats not real of course…and flight # from moscow to zurich then to philly and of course info to send the dinero to a bank in moscow. so slick! I guess I’ll have to make up a western union fake # and say i sent to maria pablova and she if she ever emails me again! I suspect not! What a scammer all courtesy of too. That’s where she found me! LIVE AND Learn boys hope this awakens some guys eyes to the scams from ukraine and russia.
    get any more emails from this person?

    dosvidonya don’t really know how to spell it off the top of my head!

  9. Tom Kildow Avatar
    Tom Kildow

    I am Tom in Phoenix, AZ and just got the first letter from Maria in Asbest. Sent pics of her sister and dad.
    Different pics than above but same person. I too will
    go along til the requests for money start. Maybe I can
    get a nude pic too. I went on Google and checked the town out. Her email is

    I am sure it is a scam

  10. Howard Byfield Avatar
    Howard Byfield

    I have so much fun writing to these Scammers. I smell them a mile away and some of the agencies over in Russia realise this type of business is an earner. Last year I had this young Russian broad constantly sending me photos of her using a massive black dildo and emphasising how she yearns for my immediate embrace, but wait, you guessed it, she had a problem at the airport in Russia and desperately needed 1500 euros to leave. The money would be returned to me as soon as I collected her at the airport in England, I smelt the rat and the rat changed her tune and told me where I cuold go ____ myself after recieving a photo of a black mans ____ dripping with _____ and suggested to her this was waiting for her on my side of the Atlantic. Lovely photo, I got it off —-access.

    This was a scammer at work

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