vBulletin – How to Block IP Address

Recently I started to get SQL injection in on of my vBulletin installation. All of these attacks are coming from one IP Address – which is located in Germany.

There are many ways to protect a php based script with SQL injection. I’m not going into the details of all those alternatives.

The first step to stop SQL injection is to block the IP address.

Here is how you block IP Address in vBulletin. My installation is vBulletin 4.

vBulletin IP Address Blocking
vBulletin IP Address Blocking

From Admin CP -> Options -> User Banning Options

Click on Edit

Then on next window, enter IP Address in Banned IP Address box.

vBulletin IP Address Blocking - Enter IP Address
vBulletin IP Address Blocking – Enter IP Address

Click on Save.

You are done.


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