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WordPress Aug 12, 2012 1 Comment

I was editing a post on Indian Recipes blog and when I clicked on update button all posts disappeared. This was a shock as I have never seen such kind of problem before in WordPress.

At first I thought that blog might have been infected with some malware as it is very common in WordPess blog. But a quick logical thinking ruled out malware.

I didn’t update any plugin so it was not a plugin issue as well.

The next logical step was to check the wp_posts table from phpMyAdmin which I did. And that is where I found the cause of this problem.

WordPress wp_posts table crashed

WordPress wp_posts table crashed

wp_posts table was marked as crashed.

So here it was, the problem was with wp_posts table, it was crashed for some reason and needed a repair.

Sigh of relief, in worst case I had to recover database from the backedup file.

If you click on wp_posts from the left pane you will see the error shown in above image.

How to repair wp_posts table

Repair wp_posts table

Repair wp_posts table

In phpMyAdmin click on the database name, tick the checkbox before wp_posts table, scroll down and select Repair Table.

This will repair table and you will see no error now.


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  1. Emma

    You saved my life, I almost had heart attack when I saw all my post disappeared. I even didn’t backup before this happened.

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