Web Ninja Google Analytics Plugin Slows Down Admin Post Listing Page

In the process of trying which is the best Analytics plugin for WordPress I had Web Ninja Google Analytics Plugin installed on Drama Movies blog. I’ve observed in the past that the Admin post listing page has been slow but I kept ignoring until today when I decided to resolve this issue forever.

I had made the admin post listing page to show 100 posts, so I thought it might be slowing down the listing. I made it 10 listing but it still remained slow.

In Screen Options Analytics was unchecked so it didn’t help.

Next was to check the Web Ninja Google Analytics settings but I couldn’t find any options to disable the using Analytics on admin post listing.

I changed the settings to make id disabled but still post listing was slow.

Next I disabled the plugin and viola it worked. Now admin post listings are faster.

So the conclusion is that Web Ninja Google Analytics Plugin slows down admin post listing pages.

My advice is not to use this plugin but use other plugins if WordPress.com stats plugin is not working.
Wordpress.com stats is the best plugin out there for tracking, if not 100% accurate, visitors.


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  1. This delay isn’t due to the plugin itself but the downloading of data from Google Analytics for your stats. The more traffic you get the more data it has to download. There are a few ways to help it.

    1. Only have it display the last 7 days so it’s not downloading data from the last 30 days.
    2. Change your “Cache Timeout” in the options. Right now it is set to 60 seconds. That means every minute it is going to download data from Google. Unforunately, there is no way with their API to download partial data. Really, you can only download all the data each time. So, if you set the cache timeout to download every 3600 seconds it will only download the data hourly instead of every minute.
    3. Disable the page/post stats. When it downloads the data for post and pages it has to download the data for each page and post. If you have a lot of post or get a lot of traffic this could take a while for the site to download all that data. If you don’t want to wait for the data to download you could disable the stats on the post and page admin pages.

    I hope this helps some.

    1. Tx for tips Josh.
      Next time I find this plugin on any of my blogs then I’ll give it a try.

      The only reason I use your plugin is that it gives the nice graph and shows the number of visitors on the graph whereas Google Analyticator – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/google-analyticator/ doesn’t show anything on the graph.

      I’m not sure why it slows down the Admin post listing page? I can understand slowing down the dashboard which is obvious for any Analytics plugin as it retrieves data.

      Google Analyticator plugin, more or less, does exactly the same reporting but it doesn’t slow down the Admin post listing page.

      I’ve also seen other errors with your plugin – It throws bunch of error lines when you first time login into Admin dashboard. Error disappear when you refresh the page.

      May be to do with PHP version?

      Next time I see this error I’ll grab screenshot.

  2. I had the same issue, and rather than deal with the sluggish performance on the wp-admin posts page (and still use the plugin otherwise), I edited the webninja_ga.php file and commented out the line “function gad_posts_pages_columns($defaults)” by adding a double slash in front of it (//) and that fixed the issue.

  3. If you want to keep the widget on the dashboard, comment out the following line from this function instead:

    function gad_posts_pages_columns($defaults)
    //$defaults[‘analytics’] = __(‘Analytics’);
    return $defaults;

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