WP Super Cache doesn’t work with WordPress 3.1.2

Initially I was not a great fan of WP Super Cache. The reason was that I keep on changing theme design and files on regular basis. With WP Super Cache plugin the changes are not reflected immediately and after every change you have to flush out the cache to see the changes.

However it does bring a great benefit for heavy traffic website when your blog slows down.

Yesterday I upgraded Indian Recipes blog to WordPress 3.1.2 and observed that WP Super Cache doesn’t work.

However all of sudden it started to work today. I was not sure what went wrong. There was no upgrade for WP Super Cache plugin either.


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  1. Executive Coach Avatar
    Executive Coach

    Seems to be working fine for me – although I had forgotten to update my .htaccess files when I upgraded wp-supercache last so some of those issues were still there.

    Try logging out and removing cookies to your site before checking whether caching is working or not – couldn’t for the life of me figure out why none of my pages were being cached until I saw the option in the settings page!

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