Your message was not sent – Yahoo Mail Problem

It was all working fine this this evening when I started to get this message.

Your message was not sent
Suspicious activity has been detected on your account. To protect your account and our users, your message has not been sent.

If this error continues, please contact Yahoo! Customer Care for further help.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

It happened when I wanted to send an e-mail to someone.

The usual security question pops up when you try to send any new message.

Yahoo Mail Security Question
Yahoo Mail Security Question

Security question is not unusual, it keeps on promoting from time to time. However in this situation it always prompts for the security question which indicates that something is wrong.

And after entering the security code it shows this error.

Yahoo mail problem - Your Message Was Not Sent
Yahoo mail problem – Your Message Was Not Sent

I did a search on this problem but it seems no one has any clue on this. May be Yahoo is dumping mail. Or may be Yahoo itself is going bust. There has been rumor on this topic before that Yahoo is for sale.

The best option is to move away from the Yahoo mail and get your own e-mail in your own domain. All these free public e-mail suck.

I checked my other yahoo mail account and that seems to be fine. So it seems something went wrong with this mail account question. May be security is breached? Or may be someone tried to use this e-mail id to spam and yahoo put a restriction on this account.


You can try some of the following solutions

1) Clean cache and retry

2) Change password

There might have been a security breach in your yahoo account. So the first thing to do is to change the password. Neext clean cache and retry sending e-mail.

Action to be taken

If none of above works and you still can’t’ sent message then next thing to do is to export all your yahoo contacts and keep it safe.

At the moment I’m trying to export contacts and it is in progress or may be it doesn’t work either. It doesn’t prompt with any error but it doesn’t download either. It freezes in Chrome and Firefox.


2 responses to “Your message was not sent – Yahoo Mail Problem”

  1. Jane Ellen Avatar
    Jane Ellen

    I just had this problem.

    I was trying to send a death notice to 200 people
    in my Yahoo account and got this exact message as above.

    I tried over and over.

    BUT when I sent to just a few people it went.

    So apparently, Yahoo will not let us send to a large
    group of email addresses as that appears to be SPAM.

    Maybe that is why.

    1. I didn’t send any bulk mail, I don’t send bulk e-mail from yahoo. My account is also secure. I see no reason why it should have been blocked.

      I think yahoo has vested interest in forcing free yahoo mail users to switch to PAID yahoo plus. Last wish of a dying company.

      Yahoo is soon to be sold anyway so better you switch e-mail before they wipe out your e-mails. I’ve switched to gmail.

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