Printer Doesn’t Recognize Cartridge

So you just bought a new Ink Printer cartridge and installed in in printer but it is not recognized?

I don’t use Inkjet printer anymore. My friend come across this problem while installing refilled ink cartridge in his HP Inkjet printer. So I’ve to provide all support to him which I could think of and that too remotely. I thought it will be useful for others too so decided to post it here.

In this article I’ll explain how to install the inkjet printer cartridges properly and how to troubleshoot if you encounter any problem.

Inkjet Printer Cartridge Installation

1) First of all make sure that you have removed all the cover/tapes etc from the cartridge before you install it.

2) Better be safe than sorry. Clean the cartridge with Lint free cloth and warm water or alcoholic solvent. This to be done for the refilled cartridges.

3) Read the instructions provided by Printer manufacturer for installation.


If you have followed above instructions and Inkjet pritner cartridge is still not recognized by the printer then try some of following troubleshooting.

1) Switch off printer, let it cool down for sometime and restart.

2) If Inkjet Printer still doesn’t recognize the cartridge then from your computer start Printer Monitor and check the cartridge status. Try using the debugging from Printer Monitor.

If you don’t have printer monitor then you can always download it from the manufacturer’s website.

3) If none of above method works then it means you have got a faulty printer cartridge and you will heave to refund it and get a new one.

Most of the cartridge related problems come from the refilled cartridges. If you buy original and branded cartridges then you probably wouldn’t see any problem.

Refilled printer cartridges are cheap, they can be as chap as 1/5th of the the original cartridge’s price. To save cost most people use refilled cartridges. Long time back I used Inkjet printer, however I never bought refilled cartridges. I always bought original cartridges to I never had any trouble.

Better dump the Inkjet printer and get a Laser printer. Laser printer are much more cost effective in long term than Inkjet printers. I’m telling this based on my own personal experience. In Laser printer you install cartridge once and forget about it for years if you are using it at home.



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  1. I have a HP OfficeJet 6500 wireless E709n That has new cartridges and will go through the motion of scanning, coping, printing test page cleaning and aligineing cartridges. The only problem is it don’t use no ink. I have taken them across my hand until ink came out, I soaked the print head about two dozen times in 140 – 180 F water and used windex to clean the print head and it is blank page in blank page out. Easy on ink but hard to read, 6 IT Tech’s have been in my computer and tried to figure it out. I think it’s a bad print head or a hardware problem?

    1. Try with another cartridge and if it still doesn’t work then you have got printer problem.

  2. Foster Burkett Avatar
    Foster Burkett

    A definite bargain compared to 20 ct four x 6 gloss paper at
    $5. F Retail charge: $19. In relative terms, all the printer
    mechanics do is move the print head back & forth across the page & feed the paper

  3. If your using a canon printer try holding down the stop button for 30 seconds…usually bypasses all errors.

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