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seophile scraperYou might not have heard of, it’s just a sick scraping website which scraps content from your blog and gets ranked higher on Google search result.

So if you have lost all your traffic and ranking and couldn’t figure out what is going out then check this stinky website out just in case it is scrapping your content. modus operandi

It’s modus operandi is simple, first it lets anyone submit a URL to be scrapped. Do you see the hole here? Anyone, including your competitor, can submit your URL and let it get scrapped easily. A genuine website should have at least an extra step to verify the URL before accept it.

Next comes the actual scrapping. As soon as you publish any post on your blog, these suckers scrap and publish on it’s website immediately which gets indexed in Google first before Google indexes your own blog. And by the time Google indexes your blog it has got already a copy of your post and hence it considers your post as duplicate and thus penalizes your own blog.

So basically just by scraping a crap website like seophile gets you dumped on Google search result.

Why Google indexes a scraping website like and ranks it higher than your own original content?

Because Google search sucks, it is broken, Matt Cutts stinks and entire Google webspam team is nothing but bunch of brainless zombies.

If this was not the case and Google webspam team has really got some brain then a scraping website like should not have been appearing in Google search result. If Matt Cutts really cares about what he spits out in his YouTube videos then should have been marked out as a spam website and removed from Google index.

How to find out if your blog has been scrapped by

Just search for the entire post title on Google and if compes up at the top before you then your blog has been scrapped.

How to prevent scraping your blog

Simple answer is that you can’t. You just sit and wait hoping that Google (broken) search algorithm will pick your post rather than the one appearing on

Even if we manage to shut down a website like, another will pop up using same scraping script. There is no dearth of such seo evils.

Who are these suckers?

They are cowards hiding behind whois privacy to carryout their dirty act.

Action taken

First step is to send a polite e-mail to remove URL. I’m waiting for reply. I doubt that they would bother to oblige.

Without waiting for their reply I’ve complained to their host 1&1 and waiting for their reply.

DCMA sucks and I’m not going to waste my time chasing them

Last resort is that I’m going to hack them and wipe your their existence from the cyber world.


4 responses to “Preventing from scraping your blog”

  1. These thugs also scrap my blog. How do I stop it? I’m sick of them.

  2. Walker Avatar

    Disable your RSS from being scraped.

    1. Or just remove my blog, will solve all the issues.

      RSS is there for a purpose and certainly not for scraping.

  3. Block their bot in .htaccess file.

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