Google Checkout – Your account has been suspended. You may not continue processing orders, making sales or listing items at this time.

Google has gone mad, they suspended Checkout account again.

Sometimes in June, when this account was opened, they closed the account.

I had to go through the painful experience (sic) of providing all the business and personal documents, based on these they reinstated the account.

It worked well for 3 months and all of sudden they suspended Google Merchant account again as I could see this today.

Google Checkout Account Suspended
Google Checkout Account Suspended

Here is what happened.

I received following an e-mail from Google on 25th Sep 2012


Thank you for your continuing cooperation in our verification process.
Unfortunately, we are still unable to verify some of the information you provided.

In order to continue the process, please send us a clear copy of a driver’s license or a passport information page.

You can submit the above information via email or via secure fax. The fax number when faxing from inside the UK is 0870 6221637; when faxing from outside the UK, the fax number is +44 870 6221637

Please be sure to write your Merchant ID on these documents.

Further, we are unable to verify your company details with the Company registration name /address you have provided. The company registration name you provided us is; please check to ensure that this name /address is correct.

In order to complete the verification process, please send us your Company registration number and address which matches to your Google Checkout Account in a direct reply to this email.

Be assured that Google is committed to preserving the security of your information and will not share your details with anyone except under the very limited circumstances described in our Privacy Policy.

You can find our privacy policy at

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to respond to this message.


The Google Checkout Team

WTF, how many times we have to send them documents after documents to verify the account?

I sent them the required document again by e-mail.

And today I received this Email:


Thank you for completing and returning our information request form.

Unfortunately, we were unable to verify some of the information you provided. In order to aid the verification process, please confirm your company address in a direct reply to this email.

Please check to ensure that your company address in your Google Checkout account matches the information provided on the Companies House website.


The Google Checkout Team

Google Payment Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Google Payment Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 5903713. Its registered address is Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TQ.

Ok, so it seems that the address listed on the Companies House website doesn’t match with the address which I’ve mentioned in the account. If this was the case then why they didn’t point it out on the first instance itself when account was closed? Why did they approve the account and again after 3 months went back to square one?

And how come does address mismatch causes an account to be suspended without giving any notice or warning?

The people working in Google Checkout Compliance team must be bunch of idiots.

Who is going to compensate for the losses?

If it was my business I would have sued Google immediately, unfortunately it’s client’s account.

And now suing Google is easy as they are just around the corner.

F**k Google.

It seems these retards are not based in the UK but in some communist country ruled by brainless dictator. May be North Korea or something.


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  1. daniel Avatar

    I had the same problem, without the part of the bussiness address

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