Google Chrome Crash

First I thought it was bug, then it become more frequent and now it has become part of life.

Google Chrome keeps crashing all the time. In most of the cases Chrome crashes while uploading images on any website. I use WordPress a lot and Chrome crashes a lot of times while uploading an image.

Chrome crashing problem has nothing to do with WordPress, it crashes with any CMS.

Today I’ve been using DFP and while uploading image Chrome crashed.

It also crashes while downloading the images. I’ve faced this issue many times.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome Crash

It crashes while uploading on Drupal as well.

While uploading./downloading images Chrome just freezes and you have to use Task Manager to kill the process.

The freezing point is when you browser for image and click on upload or just double click on the image while you are in Windows explorer window.

There is no solution to this problem and if I’m not wrong this problem is nothing to do with settings either.

This is a bug in Google Chrome which Google Chrome’s smartest geeks need to fix before people start ditching Chrome and go back to Firefox.

While a solution is found or Chrome team fixes it, following are some of the suggestions for those who are fed up with crashes.

  • In WordPress always save posts in draft before uploading any image. WordPress automatically saves your posts in draft.
  • If you are using any other CMS where saving in draft is not possible then use any HTML editor/Word/Notepad to write content and keep it saved. I follow this method when I’m writing any researched article.
  • If  Chrome crashing has become epidemic for you then switch to Firefox.


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  1. Kyle Newsome Avatar
    Kyle Newsome

    I searched this problem only to stumble upon this article. I’m having massive problems with traffic my blog crashing chrome for readers – very frustrating, I’m with you all the way!

  2. Seriously – the bloody company’s worth HOW MANY BILLIONS and they can’t fix this??????????????

    As someone once said “You lack nothing but the will”

    Get your act together or wave goodbye

    1. Crashing Google has now become a nightmare. I’m seriously thinking of ditching it and moving back to Firefox.

      I think they have run into some serious trouble. They have will to push the Chrome further as this is a very valuable tool for Google to sniff on our personal information, and search/browsing pattern.

  3. Google Chrome crashes when I upload photos on facebook. Why does Chrome always crash?

    I’m annoyed, it happens all the time.

    Any fix for this?

  4. Caroline Avatar

    I’m having this issue as well, but it happens in all of my web browsers- Chrome, firefox, and explorer.Have not been able to find a solution ANYWHERE. This is not good for me since I am a photographer and want to update photos on my facebook, etc!

    1. That is strange, normally it doesn’t happen with al browser.

      Chrome still crashes to it is a close topics.

      Try to update other browsers to latest versions and see if problem persists. If you still have problems then it might be either plugins/extensions for the browsers or may be virus/malware.

      Uninstall all plugins/extensions and see if works.

      Finally do a virus/malware scan and clean it if found.

      Another possibility could be that you are uploading large size images.

      I use Firefox and I’ve never come across crashing problem with file uploads.

  5. Having the same problem – crashes when uploading a photo, but I don’t have to be uploading, I can be simply selecting the folder to upload from and bam… freeze, crash, then it restarts on it’s own. It’s only a chrome thing for me because IE and FF work fine but I prefer chrome. I don’t like the fact that some have accepted this as “a part of life” nor do I dare try to use some of the tricks reinstalling libjpg crap. I’m computer savvy, but not to that extent. Oh, and to add, it’s happening with my computers running all OS’s from XP to W7, sooooo this tells me it’s on Google’s end. I’m a photographer – so PLEASE fix this!

    1. I haven’t seen Google Chrome recently and the reason is the drag and drop image add feature in WordPress. I used WordPress a lot and this is where I upload most of images.

  6. I am having consistent issues with Chrome crashing which updating wordpress. I think Ajay is right, ever since this drag and drop bs that WP added the crashing issue has become consistent. Has anyone found a way around this without backdating wordpress to a previous version? I love using Chrome because of the auto-populate feature which IE cannot seem to handle when opening a new product on my site. I gave up on firefox about a year ago as well. What do I do now?! Arggghhh, so frustrating.

  7. Truebluemeandyou Avatar

    This is still happening in 2012 more and more frequently on all websites. Since I’m posting one photo for tutorials (obeying copyright laws) and constantly right clicking and “save as” this is becoming a HUGE PROBLEM and I may switch back to *CHOKE* Explorer.

  8. Same here! … and I agree with all of you: switch back to a tuned firefox, maybe with a little less extensions.

    The reason for this problem seems to be a couple of Explorer-Shell-Extensions, which are activated (incejted into Chromes Open/Save dialog) as soon, as Windows command like “Create a new folder” is lauched.

    Some of the known Shell-Extensions are:
    TeraCopy, NVIDIA Desktop Explorer(nvshell.dll), Folder Guide, Folder Size

    The problem is described as “Issue 73243” under

  9. lost

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