How To Add reddit Button To WordPress

This tutorial is in the continuation of my earlier tutorials on adding various social bookmarking buttons.

reddit is underground Digg. Sometimes reddit could be foul mouthed and outspoken. If Digg is a posh gentleman than reddit can be considered as the street guy.

reddit can be used to bring quite good traffic and not to mention it also helps in SEO. I’ve been using reddit for quite sometimes and found it to be useful.

Here are very simple steps to add reddit button to WordPress blog.

Just copy and paste following code in single.php file and that is it.

<a href="" rel="nofollow" onclick="window.location = ‘’ + encodeURIComponent(window.location); return false"><img src="" alt="submit to reddit" border="0" /></a>

Pay attention to recipes in the parameter, that is the topic/category on reddit. You will have to change it as appropriate.

You can see it live on Indian recipes blog.

reddit Button on WordPress Blog
reddit Button on WordPress Blog

Unfortunately this particular code doesn’t show the count. I’ve no clue on how to show count in this small size button. There is a way to show count on vertical big size button but I never saw any code to show count in this smaller button.

For more details on various other type of reddit buttons for WordPress check out reddit Buttons for WordPress page on reddit.


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