Google Refuses To Remove Copyright Material From Blogspot

blogspotI found some of my work copied by some blogger on Blogspot. The entire content is copied from one of my website. I raised DMCA complaint to Google Blogger team to get it removed. I raised the DMCA on 29th March 2011 and I received their rejection today.  The e-mail is copied below.

I’m just furious. Why on the earth Google can not remove my copyright material from blogspot? They haven’t mention any reason for rejection and just pointed their some policy.

First of all there is no way to contact a blogger if he has not provided any contact details? If it was hosted on any web hosting company then I could have raised complained with them by finding out the host. In the case everything is owned by Google so complaining to host is not possible.

One one hand Google and it’s propaganda minister Matt Cutts prepreterate the false notion that Google is committed to provide clean search result and filtering out spam (duplicate content – does it ring bell) and on the other hands it’s Blogger team directly encourages people to scrap the web and post freely. “Web is for loot keep scrapping” that is the slogan given by Blogger team.

This is not just one case. I also filed another DMMA notice or rather a number of DMCA notices requesting Blogger team to remove the copyright materials from the Blogspot but they refused all.

Next step is to sue Google. Google doesn’t give a damn until and unless dragged in the court.



We have received your DMCA complaint dated 3/29/2011. At this time, Google
has decided not to take action based on our policies concerning content
removal. As always, we encourage you to resolve any disputes directly with
the owner of the website in question.

Thank you for your note.

The Google Team

Original Message Follows:

Subject: DMCA websearch
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 16:29:30 +0000

> AutoDetectedBrowser: Firefox 3
> AutoDetectedOS: Windows XP
> IssueType: lr_dmca
> Language: en
> agree1: checked
> agree: checked
> companyname: ..
> country_residence: GB
> description_of_copyrighted_work:…
> dmca_signature: Ajay Kumar Singh
> dmca_signature_date: 29-Mar-2011
> first_name: Ajay
> hidden_product: websearch
> last_name: Singh
> location_of_copyrighted_work:

> represented_copyright_holder: …
> url_box:….



6 responses to “Google Refuses To Remove Copyright Material From Blogspot”

  1. “propaganda minister Matt Cutts”

    Well said. Matt Cutts reminds me Hitler’s PR guru Joseph Goebbels.

  2. Alistair Avatar

    I’m not surprised. I have had similar experience. Google is responsible for most of the web spam.

  3. Thomas Doyle Avatar
    Thomas Doyle

    Hi have had same problem, another company using our name on search engine,same reply from google telling me to bring them to court.

    1. Take both the other company and Google to the court ;)

  4. Google has also refused to take down my copyrighted material. It might be a good idea to start compiling a list of persons with the same problem. A class action lawsuit would definitely get their attention.

    1. Eirc,
      Good idea for compiling the list but class action lawsuit might not be feasible for people like us who live on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

      I’ll sure launch a new portal for this as soon as i get time.

      Tx for the feedback.

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