HSBC dumped Maestro and Embraces VISA

The crazy news is that HSBC has switched from Maestro to VISA for debit card(?).

They forgot that someone might be travelling abroad and for long time and that he might not be able to get new VISA card and that he obviously can’t use the old card and that his old card will be deactivated while he enjoy sun and that he is screwed.

I’m one of those unfortunate customers who got screwed up by HSBC (sic of them) Master->VISA switching fiasco.

A call to Customer Support, thru skype, landed up in (obviously) Hyderbad and a rude and tense Lakshmi disclosed the breaking news while I, hopelessly, tried to find a way out to get my old Maestro card reactivated.

At least they should have allowed customers to use old Maestro cards till they decided to use the new VISA card and get rid of old.

What a bunch of brainless bankers!!!!


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