Snowing in London

London Feb 2, 2009 3 Comments

Saw it falling in night and wokeup to see all covered in snow this morning.

It is not going to stop ….

First time I saw so much snow in London in past 5 years.

Just heard omn BBC it is the heaviest snow in 189 years. 18 cm snow already fallen over London and expected to go about a foot by end of day today.

London came to complete standstill and whole of UK is affected. Trains are not operating, Airports are closed. Heathrow is open but sever delayed.

Millions of pounds loss to Economy.

My Street covered in Snow

My Street covered in Snow



My street other side

My street other side

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3 Responses to “ Snowing in London ”
  1. Geoff

    Beautiful pictures, snow looks the best when viewed from the inside, I live in Grove Park, Chiswick, it is still pretty heavy here in the close.

  2. fedkx

    I live in Indonesia and never felt or see snow. It looks wonderful but do people who live in snowy area love the weather?

    • Ajay Kumar Singh

      “do people who live in snowy area love the weather”
      That is a good question ;)

      Who doesn’t love snow?

      However snow brings chaos specially in London, airports shut down, train stop working, roads are closed, water pipes freeze. Working people take excuses not to go to office ;) etc.. etc…

      But in other countries like Russia everything works no matter how much snow falls.

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