Windows 10: Critical Error – Start menu and Cortana aren’t working [Solved]

F**k Microsoft and f**k Windows 10. These idiots released this crap product without proper testing. This proves that MS has started to employ donkeys in addition to employing high school fail Indians doing the dirty work.

This freaking problem appears out of nowhere and it’s a recent crap which has started appearing in Windows 10 without any reason.

This is a bug and as per latest bloody Microsoft update it should have fixed this issue but it didn’t.

Here is what happens. All of sudden while using Windows 10 you will see following error. It will promot you to sign out only to restart with same error. You can’t access start menu and Windows key will not work.

Windows 10: Critical Error – Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in.

Windows 10 Critical Error Start Menu and Cortanaarent working error solved

Microsoft website says to install a bloody latest updated which will fix this issue. How the f**k a normal person will install this update if he can’t get into menu? Try explaining it to your mom Mr Bill Gates.

Solution #1 – My Discovery

I found this solution by accident. It’s not a permanent fix but it does work sometime and keeps error away for a while.

The solution is simple.

Restart, hit F2 when you see the message Hit F2 to enter setup.. during startup.

It will take you to boot menu, do nothing here and just exit by hitting ESC key and selecting SAVE and EXIT option.

When Windows starts you will not see the error again. As I said this solution might not work all the time.

Solution #2

Anyways here is simple workaround which worked for me. Sorry guys I didn’t have time and patience to take screenshots of following steps but I hope you will figure it out.

Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and start Task Manager

On Task manager click on File->Run 

Tick the Run as administrator box.

When the box opens type msconfig

This will launch system configuration windows. On this window go to Boot menu and at the bottom half under Safe Boot option select Safe Boot & Network. Click on Apply. It will ask you to restart system. Restart the system. It will boot in safe mode.

When you are in safe mode repeat the same steps as above but untick the Safe mode so that you can boot into normal mode.

That’s it, this freaking problem should be gone.

Solution #3 – Deactivate AV

While Googling I found that some have luck by deactivating Avast AV. If above solution doesn’t work then you can deactivate Avast or any other AV and try.

Solution #4 Install Updates

Boot into safe mode and install latest updates and if those donkeys at MS are right this should fix your problem.

Here is link on MS page for this update

This update doesn’t fix the problem.

To conclude this post I can confirm that this issue has not been fixed by Microsoft. I just saw this error again today – 28 October 2015 and my Solution #1 worked this time.


5 responses to “Windows 10: Critical Error – Start menu and Cortana aren’t working [Solved]”

  1. WOW! it worked, You saved my life man. Tx a ton!

  2. Sorry for being dumb but what is AV?

    1. Anti Virus.

  3. Man I love your opening sentence ;) that sums up our frustration. BTW your first solution worked. On a serious note is there any permanent fix? Can this problem appear again?

    1. The solution which I’ve provided above is not permanent, it’s just a workaround. Permanent solution will come from those Donkeys. They might push it automatically in some future updates.

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